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General Supplier Information

Creating supplier relationships to deliver innovative and integrated solutions to meet and anticipate the needs of our customers

A collaborative supplier relationship is crucial in our effort to deliver strong, sustainable and secure services at TD. Our central sourcing function is how we create and maintain these relationships with the end goal of better serving customers, communities and lines of business, while contributing to our sustainability goals.

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What Suppliers Need to Know

Suppliers We Value

We are looking for suppliers that share our same high standards of business conduct and integrity, whether it's for products and services, or cost optimization, and a commitment to TD's Purpose and Commitments.

Business Environment

Suppliers must be aware of and understand the business environment and regulatory nature of our business. We appreciate suppliers who can share in our challenges to help find the best possible solutions and align with TD's Ready Commitment.

Due Diligence

As part of our minimum due diligence process, our suppliers are required to:

  • register on our Supplier Portal;
  • review, accept and adhere to our Supplier Code of Conduct;
  • review, accept, execute and adhere to our NDA; and
  • review and accept the Registration and Acknowledgement during the Supplier Registration process.

Supplier Accessing TD Sensitive Data & TD Requirements

Suppliers who will have access to sensitive TD data must meet TD's minimum control requirements before working with us. Typically, once TD makes a decision to engage with a prospective supplier, our Third-Party Risk team will perform an extensive risk assessment of the supplier. This risk assessment helps TD analyze the prospective supplier's controls, which include security, availability, vulnerabilities and system access.

Additional requirements, based on the goods and/or services, will be provided during the sourcing process.

Engage with TD

Posibles proveedores

If your company is interested in becoming a prospective supplier for TD and/or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates, please submit a Supplier Request electronically.

TD's Supplier Registration1 Review Process:

  1. Prospective Suppliers will need to submit a Supplier Request electronically.
  2. Suppliers will receive a Supplier Registration Questionnaire upon approval of the Supplier Request.
  3. TD will review the submitted Registration Questionnaire in detail and approve registration for those Suppliers that may meet TD's requirements whom may be invited to competitive sourcing events as applicable.

1 Please note that all bids are made in the competitive marketplace. Registering your company does not automatically place your company on a "bidder's list", nor does it constitute approval of your firm as a TD Supplier or obligate TD to solicit requests for quotations.

Sourcing and Transaction Platform

We use the SAP Ariba cloud software procurement tool to manage our end-to-end sourcing needs. This enterprise-wide tool supports:

  • Supplier registration
  • Supplier lifecycle management
  • Sourcing projects (including RFxs)
  • Contract management, negotiations and execution
  • Purchase order and invoice processing (coming soon)

Responsible Sourcing Programs

Diversidad de proveedores

En TD Bank Group, creemos que la diversidad es un contribuyente clave para alcanzar el éxito en el mercado global competitivo. Nuestro compromiso con la diversidad es un elemento fundamental sobre la forma en que hacemos negocios hoy y en el futuro. El TD Bank Group cree que su Programa de diversidad de proveedores es necesario para alcanzar su objetivo de ser el mejor banco.

Para ser elegible para nuestro Programa de diversidad de proveedores, el proveedor debe tener algunas de las siguientes certificaciones:

  • Negocios 51% propiedad y operados por aborígenes;
  • Negocios 51% propiedad y operados por minorías;
  • Negocios 51% propiedad y operado por mujeres; o
  • Negocios 51% propiedad y operados por gays/lesbianas/bisexuales/transgenénericos
  • 51% Owned and operated by a member of other recognized diverse communities (i.e. Persons with Disabilities, Service-Disabled Veteran-owned, Veteran etc.)

por uno de los siguientes consejos:

  • Consejo canadiense de proveedores minoritarios y aborígenes (CAMSC)
  • Women Business Enterprises Canada (WBE Canada)
  • Cámara de comercio canadiense de gays y lesbianas (CGLCC)
  • Inclusive Workplace and Supply Council of Canada (IWSCC)
  • WEConnect International in Canada
  • Consejo nacional de desarrollo de proveedores minoritarios (NMSDC)
  • Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)
  • Cámara de comercio nacional de gays y lesbianas (NGLCC)
  • Disability: IN (formerly US Business Leadership Network - USBLN)
  • Cualquier otra organización con certificación reconocida

Si desea inscribirse como un proveedor diverso de TD Bank Group, complete y envíe el Formulario de inscripción.

Supplier Code of Conduct

As part of TD's Responsible Sourcing Program, TD's Supplier Code of Conduct describes TD's expectations of how its suppliers conduct business and interact with TD. El código refleja y enmarca los valores y normas que TD espera que sus proveedores y subcontratistas cumplan al realizar actividades comerciales con TD. Según la naturaleza del bien o servicio que se proporciona, TD puede tener requisitos adicionales, los cuales se especificarán durante el proceso de abastecimiento y la administración en curso y el monitoreo de la relación.

TD está comprometido, en la medida de lo posible, en conseguir productos y servicios de parte de proveedores que respetan los derechos humanos, la ética y el medio ambiente y que desarrollan políticas y prácticas responsables. Específicamente, esperamos que nuestros proveedores operen de un modo que sea coherente con estos valores, y que sea apropiado y relevante con respecto a sus productos, servicios e industrias.

Se espera que los proveedores cuenten con pautas, políticas y prácticas que se comuniquen a través de toda la organización, se ratifiquen en todos los niveles de administración y sean tenidas en cuentas y aplicadas a sus propias actividades en la cadena de provisión. Las mismas deberán contemplar lo siguiente:

Protection of Human Rights

Respeto por los derechos humanos básicos, incluyendo el derecho a la vida y la libertad, libertad de pensamiento y expresión, e igualdad. No tolerance for and protections against workplace harassment or abuse, discrimination and violence.

Protection of Health and Safety

A culture of safety and supporting practices, minimizing risk of injury or death, and documented safety procedures (including accident reporting and emergency evacuation).

Fair Labour Practices

No tolerance for use of child or forced labour in any operations or facilities; compliance with applicable labour laws including those relating to wage rates and conditions of employment.

Código de conducta y ética

Guidelines for workplace performance that define organizational expectations in respect of ethical, moral, and legal behaviours.

Diversidad e inclusión

Commitment within the workplace to respect for diversity, including hiring and promoting based on merit and providing equal opportunity.

Antisoborno/ Anticorrupción

Prohibition of conduct that could violate anti-bribery laws.

Environmental Sustainability

Proactive management to ensure that environmental standards are reflected in supplier operations, and to minimize and mitigate environmental impacts.

Cumplimiento legal y regulatorio

El cumplimiento de las leyes aplicables y los requisitos regulatorios correspondientes al Proveedor, y a los bienes y servicios que se proporcionan.

Responsabilidad corporativa

Demonstrable commitment to all aspects of corporate responsibility.

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