Pagos internacionales

Send and Receive Payments Anywhere in the World

TD Bank offers a variety of products that enable you to send and receive funds internationally quickly and easily.

Ampliar Giros internacionales

When you need to transfer funds overseas in a secure and efficient manner, our worldwide network of correspondent banks provides you with the capability to send and receive payments virtually anywhere in the world, subject to legal and regulatory constraints. You can also send domestic and international wire transfers through any TD Bank location, from TD eTreasury®, our online treasury management product, or by contacting your Foreign Exchange Specialist directly*.

Wire transfers are available in many foreign currencies are secure, and quick and easy to send.

All you need to send a Business international wire is:

  • Nombre completo, dirección (incluyendo ciudad, estado/provincia, país) y número de cuenta de la persona/empresa (para países de la Zona Euro - IBAN - International Banking Account Number) a la que está enviando dinero
  • The full name and address, including city, state/province and country, as well as a valid SWIFT BIC of the financial institution receiving the funds
  • El monto y la moneda de la transferencia

Las transferencias se efectúan de manera rápida y segura. Según la moneda que esté enviando, algunas transacciones pueden demorarse más que otras.

Ampliar Letras de cambio internacionales

International drafts are essentially checks drawn on foreign banks, in a wide variety of foreign currencies. Se pueden utilizar para hacer pagos o para cualquier otra necesidad que su empresa pueda tener. International drafts are available in over 15 currencies and can be obtained at your nearest TD Bank Store.

  • dólar australiano
  • dólar canadiense
  • Danish Krone
  • European Union Euro
  • libra esterlina
  • dólar de Hong Kong
  • India Rupee
  • yen japonés
  • peso mexicano
  • dólar neozelandés
  • Norwegian Krone
  • Saudi Arabian Riyal
  • rand sudafricano
  • Swedish Krona
  • franco suizo
  • baht tailandés

Ampliar Cheques extranjeros

Los servicios de cobro de cheques son importantes para compañías que con frecuencia reciben cheques por cobrar en un país extranjero, lo mismo en la moneda extranjera que en dólares estadounidenses. Contamos con una red a nivel mundial de bancos corresponsales, para presentar esas partidas en el país donde se giraron. To send a foreign check for collection, visit your nearest TD Bank Store.

New to International Payments?

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If you do business internationally, you can benefit from working with our TD Bank foreign exchange experts. Call a Foreign Exchange Business Development Manager at 1-888-264-4685 to get started today.